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Comprehensive free project manager to keep track of your tasks and resources
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Express Project is one of the most comprehensive project management tools you will ever get without having to pay for it. This free utility comes with all the features you need to create new projects, break them into as many tasks as required, add resources to those tasks, and use the calendars provided to schedule their implementation and completion. In parallel, an intuitive Gantt chart will display all of these changes and additions in real time.

The program offers a well-structured interface with the layout that can be easily adapted to your preferences. New Task, New Resource, and New Schedule will open new tabbed panels where you can perform all the tasks required to outline and flesh out all your projects, regardless of their complexity. You can add sub-tasks and dependencies to larger tasks, assign start and end dates and resources to the entire project and to specific tasks, use float and slack time visuals to customize your tasks and resources in an intuitive way and produce detailed expense reports of the entire project or sections of it for further financial planning.

The Gantt chart will give you a useful overview of all the main tasks and their sub-tasks, as well as key information of the resources assigned to each of them. You can color-code different tasks to assign each with priority level that better fits the project’s requirements. Any changes applied to the chart in terms of a project’s performance can be easily tracked by using baselines, which will allow you to see how the project evolves in time and how accurate your first schedule estimates were.

Few project management tools will offer you so much for so little. Without being the most comprehensive such tool in the market, Express Project is all you need to design and assess progress towards the targets scheduled in a timely and flexible manner. Its charts and reports will allow you to share key information about the evolution of your projects with your partners and staff.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Free project manager
  • Neatly structured interface
  • Produces real-time Gantt charts
  • Allows you to control tasks, resources, timelines, etc
  • Comprehensive task scheduler


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